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Competition Connection

The 54th Annual
International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

2018 Quarterly Industry Reports

This page contains the quarterly industry reports by World for all the Worlds in this year’s competition. You may view the reports individually for each quarter or download all the reports for a quarter. It provides an opportunity for teams in other worlds as well as for others interested in the competition to follow the progress of this year’s competition. Team names by World number are listed at the bottom of this page.

 World 1World 2World 3World 4World 5
Y3-Q1W1 3-1W2 3-1W3 3-1W4 3-1W5 3-1
Y3-Q2W1 3-2W2 3-2W3 3-2W4 3-2W5 3-2
Y3-Q3W1 3-3W2 3-3W3 3-3W4 3-3W5 3-3
Y3-Q4W1 3-4W2 3-4W3 3-4W4 3-4W5 3-4
Y4-Q1W1 4-1W2 4-1W3 4-1W4 4-1W5 4-1
Y4-Q2W1 4-2W2 4-2W3 4-2W4 4-2W5 4-2
Y4-Q3W1 4-3W2 4-3W3 4-3W4 4-3W5 4-3
Y4-Q4W1 4-4W2 4-4W3 4-4W4 4-4W5 4-4
Y5-Q1W1 5-1W2 5-1W3 5-1W4 5-1W5 5-1
Y5-Q2W1 5-2W2 5-2W3 5-2W4 5-2W5 5-2
Y5-Q3W1 5-3W2 5-3W3 5-3W4 5-3W5 5-3
Y5-Q4W1 5-4W2 5-4W3 5-4W4 5-4W5 5-4
Y6-Q1W1 6-1W2 6-1W3 6-1W4 6-1W5 6-1
Y6-Q2W1 6-2W2 6-2W3 6-2W4 6-2W5 6-2
Y6-Q3W1 6-3W2 6-3W3 6-3W4 6-3W5 6-3
Y6-Q4W1 6-4W2 6-4W3 6-4W4 6-4W5 6-4
Y7-Q1W1 7-1W2 7-1W3 7-1W4 7-1W5 7-1
Y7-Q2W1 7-2W2 7-2W3 7-2W4 7-2W5 7-2
Y7-Q3W1 7-3W2 7-3W3 7-3W4 7-3W5 7-3
Y7-Q4W1 7-4W2 7-4W3 7-4W4 7-4W5 7-4

World 1Company 1 - TempWare Inc.
Company 2 - McMaster U Limited
Company 3 - Crimson Worldwide
Company 4 - Chapter, Inc.
Company 5 - Power Aztecs

World 2Company 1 - Hydrate
Company 2 - UntouchableZ
Company 3 - Stark Technologies
Company 4 - Loyola Marymount University
Company 5 - Black Bear International
Company 6 - Riverwalk Manufacturing

World 3Company 1 - Quench
Company 2 - Galaxy Holdings Company Limited
Company 3 - Hive Technologies Inc.
Company 4 - Pomona Broncos, LLC.
Company 5 - 4G2G0 Audio

World 4Company 1 - Team 1
Company 2 - Evoke
Company 3 - Innovative Solar Utilitie (ISU)
Company 4 - CSUSB Grad Team

World 5Company 1 - Iris Tech
Company 2 - Team 2
Company 3 - HydroHealth
Company 4 - Golden Eagle Drive (G.E.D)